Smokehouse barangaroo: waterfront dining & cocktails

Smokehouse Barangaroo is a multi-level establishment located right on the water in Barangaroo, Sydney. With three levels of drinking and dining options, it offers a unique experience for adults looking to enjoy delicious food and refreshing cocktails while taking in breathtaking views of the Sydney skyline.

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Barangaroo House: A Playground for Adults

Barangaroo House features a striking design with dark, curved timber facades adorned with lush hanging gardens. The dining menu is curated by renowned hospitality expert, Matt Moran. Thanks to its waterfront location, each of the three bars and restaurants in the building offers stunning views of the ocean.

House Bar: Soak in the Sun and Enjoy Relaxed Vibes

When the sun is shining, House Bar is the place to be at Barangaroo. The interior exudes sophistication, while the terrace bathes in natural light just steps away from the waterfront. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a selection of local beers and expertly mixed classic cocktails. The menu features Japanese-inspired pub classics, including crispy pork baos, spicy chicken wings, and an Angus beef burger with wasabi mayo.

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Rekodo Restaurant and Vinyl Bar: Dark and Cool Ambiance

Located on the first floor, Rekodo offers a slightly darker and cooler setting. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light from the Sydney skyline to cast a beautiful glow on plush leather booths and a darkwood bar. Talented mixologists shake up unique cocktails while DJs spin vinyl records. The menu continues the Japanese theme with options like a geisha negroni infused with matcha and shiso leaf, as well as a range of sake. For a sophisticated dining experience, try the MBS 9 beef tataki with an onsen egg yolk or the whole snapper karaage with sweet and sour sauce. If you're feeling adventurous, opt for the omakase menu, which allows the chef to surprise you with their selection.

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Smoke: Sultry Rooftop Cocktail Bar

Smoke, located on the top floor of Barangaroo House, is a sultry cocktail bar offering stunning views of the city lights and harbor. The interior seamlessly blends with the outdoor area, where you'll find bar lounges and plush booths. DJs create energetic vibes from Thursdays to Sundays, while the fully stocked bar caters to all your cocktail desires. Try a house mix like the native old fashioned with wattleseed or the coastal martini with pepperberry. The interior boasts moody dark tones, emerald leathers, and veined marble bar tops, making it the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Smokehouse Barangaroo?
    Smokehouse Barangaroo is a multi-level establishment offering three bars and restaurants with stunning waterfront views in Barangaroo, Sydney.
  • What is House Bar?
    House Bar is located on the ground floor of Barangaroo House and offers a relaxed atmosphere, local beers, classic cocktails, and a menu featuring Japanese-inspired pub classics.
  • What is Rekodo Restaurant and Vinyl Bar?
    Rekodo is situated on the first floor of Barangaroo House and features a darker and cooler ambiance. It offers a sophisticated dining experience with Japanese-inspired cocktails and a menu curated by talented chefs.
  • What is Smoke?
    Smoke is a sultry rooftop cocktail bar on the top floor of Barangaroo House, offering panoramic views of the city lights and harbor. It features a fully stocked bar, energetic vibes from DJs, and a range of innovative house cocktails.

Smokehouse Barangaroo is a must-visit destination for those looking to indulge in delicious food, expertly crafted cocktails, and breathtaking waterfront views. Whether you prefer a relaxed vibe at House Bar, a sophisticated dining experience at Rekodo, or a sultry rooftop atmosphere at Smoke, there is something for everyone at this iconic establishment in Barangaroo.

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