This is us, team isle of ewe… we hope that you enjoy our artisan smoked salmon & smoked products as much as we have enjoyed smoking & sending them to you.
Isle of ewe X

Alistair Gordon
Fish Smoker Extraordinaire

Accomplished at starting fires and smoking award winning salmon. Dad to the Gordon sisters, Maisie & Eliza yachtmaster, coastguard, mixes a fierce Gin and wannabe kite surfer.

Paula Gordon
Fish wifey

Packing your gifts and answering your calls at our new Smoked Salmon HQ, Mum to our tiddlers Maisie & Eliza. Loves all things foodie & outdoors, wannabe sailor (Bluewater, barefoot & sunshine only)

Sally Richards
Awesome Accounts

Accounts her speciality and bringing sunshine & smiles to Smoked Salmon HQ. Mum of two and Grandma Scotland to Izzy & Emily. Loves running on the beach with her doggies & living in her uber cool beach house with husband Phil (he’s cool too).

Ferdi Balanquit
chief hacker

Giving a new dimension to THIN, slicing your smoked salmon. Multi-talented as he is our very own Banksy, Graphic designer by trade, he created our amazing gable end Mural. Lives here in Aultbea with his beautiful wife Elanie & 3 boys, loves Scotland, has a passion for caps and is a Karaoke King!

Jill Sutherland
Smokehouse 007

Packing your orders and beautifying your smoked salmon into works of art. A total foodie, legend chef, well read & travelled the world, so makes Indiana Jones look like a lightweight. Wife to Tall Paul and canine mummy to Tavish.

Janette Latta
Database Supremo

If we know you, so does Janette. Enthusiastic energy for everything she does, also works for a locally based mid-wifery/childbirth charity MCAI, flying Doctors all around the world, not an embassy anywhere she has not negotiated with.

Donna Clarke
environmentalist & tree hugger

Environmental scientist by trade with direct line to Mother nature.  Packaging, beautifying & dispatching all your Smokey goodies.  Lives in the house on the hill in Second Coast with daughter Ciara & small random zoo of cherished animals.  In love with Iain & Ospreys. Only woman we know that looks absolutely fabulous in a midge net!


Utter Legend, parking attendant and in charge of security. Loves everyone especially children, the beach, chewy bones and getting up close & cosy in front of the logburner. Wannabe on a walk, in the car or with you.