welcome to isle of ewe smokehouse

It’s a family affair here at the Smokehouse, artisan & handcrafted.

Roads are a roller coaster of twists & turns with jaw dropping photo opportunities at every moment. Nestled here on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is our lively west coast community, white croft houses dot the shore of the loch like a handful of sugar lumps thrown across the landscape.  Get on the North Coast 500 & come see for yourself.  Its an adventure, Westside.

An Award winning smokehouse on the waters edge of loch ewe, were you will find us and whole lot of smokey yumminess. Our Fine Food Emporium is a quirky bijoux store filled with all things Foodie, Smokey & Fishy. Be Hungry!!

All our fish Love Fire & Smoke, we traditionally smoke in stone kilns, using aromatic whisky barrel staves & local Larch to give our own unique Highland smokiness.

Our salmon are hung by the tail in our kilns and then slowly smoked. Layering the great flavours & giving each side of salmon time to acquire a depth of smokiness.  Hanging out in “A Smoke Filled Room” is where our fish love to be! Its proper Slow Food.





Get our Summery Highland Vibe, pick up a picnic at our Fine Food Emporium and head to the beach………..share the smokey Love heart



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