Whilst awaiting a smokey arrrival……… a musical interlude ?????

When something is just too brilliant to be awesome can it be awesomeness?? That’s ewe.

Thank ewe for all being such brilliant smokey folk this year, may your cups overfloweth with happiness and a cheeky red.  Wishing you many exciting adventures, heaps of joy avec a huge sprinkle of Love & Peace for 2019.

All your smoked salmon is on it’s way to be shared, loved & adored in time for Christmas…….Whislt you are waiting, if you have a moment to chill amidst all this Christmas malarkey, a jaunty December Playlist for you and yours. Maybe even some de rigueur kitchen dancing.

Merry Fishmas from us all at the smokehouse.

isle of ewe XXX

December Playlist



Country Living & British in Particular….







Bleak, windswept, wintery North West Highlands…..nah just a jaw dropping tweedy woven Wilderness that makes your head spin.  Utterly beguilling, most definitely romantic, smokey and a tad fishy.  That’s what Andrew Montgomery found when he came up to do a photo shoot for Country Living Magazine, British in Particular.  Focusing on the many British Artisans that abound our shores.

We, as family Gordon, had the best 3 days ever. Andrew’s work ethic and energy levels were superhuman. Just watching him at work was a thrill, even our girls started snapping away setting up fashion shoots all over our house.  If you love photography check out his work, he is a top bloke, a genius and completely compelling. http://www.andrewmontgomery.co.uk

Country Living is what we do 24/7 and being showcased as a British artisan is most auspicious. So thank ewe Country Living, Hearst Magazines UK & Ruth Chandler for your eloquent words.  Working with you guys has been an utter blast and ultimately one of our most enjoyable encounters in this smokey lifestyle.

Celebrate your Christmas with us, we are still taking orders for delivery in time for a smokey Highland Christmas.

Take a look, this is us X