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Omega-3 – The Super Fish Oil

We love fish……………… Here is our Top of the Fishy Pops 

When it comes to deciding what to eat we have a choice between high-fat superficial foods, or the wonders of fish and other seafoods that are rich in omega-3. These foods help boost brainpower, keep hearts healthy and much more, because it’s not superficial, it’s superfishoil!

Our bodies can’t produce omega-3 naturally, so we should try to enjoy fish and other seafoods at least twice a week. But this doesn’t have to be tricky – more than just a healthy choice, fish can also be delicious and simple, and we will show you how.

Fillet or finger, fresh, frozen or tinned, smoked, when it’s superfishoil it’s all good!

Check out our Top 20 of Omega’s

To measure this we look at how many milligrams (mg) of Omega-3 there are in 100g of each seafood. Here’s our top 20 rundown!

  •  20… it’s one of the most popular white fish on our plates. Thank goodness it’s got130mg Omega-3. We’re talking, baked Cod!
  • At 19… you won’t have the blues for long thanks to the 130mg Omega-3 in… grilled Sole!
  • At 18… there are 140 good reasons to throw another one on the barbie – with 140mg Omega-3 it’s grilled King Prawns!At 17… related to the shellfish supremo that is lobster, with 170mg Omega-3… it’s boiled Langoustine.
  • At 16… with 190mg Omega-3, this family favourite is perfect for fish pies… it’s steamed Haddock!


  • At 15… celebrate with a cocktail or two. Containing 200mg Omega-3… it’s Coldwater Prawns! Loving Jamie & Jimmy’s Lango’s, Langostine, Campaign.
  • At 14… guaranteed to conjure up images of sunny, summer holidays, with 250mg Omega-3… it’s bakedCalamari in Batter!
  • At 13… with 320mg Omega-3 and a super sarnie filling… it’s Tinned Tuna in Brine (that’s a lot more than Tinned Tuna in Sunflower Oil with 180mg)!
  • At 12… with 420mg, you can be confident your children are getting an omega-3 fix while eating one of their favourite foods… it’s grilled or baked Cod Fish Fingers!
  • At 11… Omega-3 gives you a sporting chance at good health, so 540mg could probably boost your…Mussels!


  • Top 10 time … this classic pub grub is worth an omega-3 toast. With 740mg Omega-3, say cheers to… baked Scampi in breadcrumbs!
  • At 9… with 760mg Omega-3 there’s definitely a time and plaice for this fish… it’s baked and breadedPlaice.
  • At 8… it’s all about the bass. For a top up of 1230mg omega-3 to music to your ears it’s… bakedSeabass!
  • At 7… the white meat has 70mg Omega-3, but the brown meat is the true Omega-3 winner. You’ll find1300mg in Crab!
  • At 6… posh up your pasta by adding a tin or two. With 1340mg Omega-3… it’s Tinned Pink Salmon. Or add a little more colour with Tinned Red Salmon and get 1650mg Omega-3.


  • Into the top 5 now… and with 1720mg Omega-3 it will leave you with more of a smile than a pout! It’s baked Rainbow Trout!
  • At number 4… it’s that entertaining classic with 2280mg Omega-3… it’s Smoked Salmon!  Yipee!!!!!
  • At 3… with 2500mg Omega-3, it’s a tasty toast topping… Canned Sardines in Brine. But for an extra boost go for Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce and you’ll get even more – 2980mg Omega-3.
  • At 2… narrowly missing out on top spot, and with an impressive 3350mg… it’s grilled Kippers!  or Fresh Herring which will be available from March April.

Number 1

  • Number 1 And top of the fishy pops, the great big hootenany when it comes to the top level of Omega-3… with 4830mg per 100g, is the mighty Mackerel!


So there it is! Mackerel comes out on top when it comes to delivering some serious Omega-3 goodness! But thanks to this unique fat being found in good amounts in so many other varieties of seafood, it’s easy to get the recommended 3150mg Omega-3 fats in a week. Just tuck into two portions of seafood a week (with one of them being oily) and your body and mind will reap the benefits!

Kippers for Breakfast, Smoked Salmon for lunch and Marvelous Mackerel for Dinner.




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