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Need Smoked Salmon for Christmas????









Don’t panic, there is still time you can still order phone1webour Award winning smoked salmon & scrumptious gifts in time for Christmas.

You can order online Fine Food Emporium or just give us a call on the Bat Phone at Smoked Salmon HQ.

Meanwhile back to the Bat cave to pack your superhero salmon…..

Do you have any better Batman jokes????

If Batman was a tree, he’d be Spruce Wayne.

What did Batman do when he went shopping?
Got ham.

March Madness & the 3 Omega’s

Just to help you March into spring with plenty of Omega 3’s in your step, we are offering 10% on our hand sliced smoked salmon packs.

These little 3 Omega’s are so good for us…….they boost brain power & keep our hearts healthy.  Our bodies can’t produce Omega 3 naturally so by eating & enjoying fish & seafood twice a week that will give you the required .Mackerel, Sardines & Salmon are all top of the Omega chart and that includes smoked salmon!!!  Check out our earlier blog post for more Omega fish facts.

To help you on your way to boosting those 3 Omega’s use our offer code below for a 10% discount on our 150g, 200g and 500g hand sliced smoked salmon.

Simply follow this link to our shop, fill your basket and apply our March Madness Code “March16” at the checkout.